It is important that the shipping instructions outlined below are followed carefully to insure proper care of your specimen. On occasion when shipping instructions are not followed properly, specimens arrive at our facilities giving off a bad odor or leaking fluids.

We request that our customers ship all parcels through UPS. On occasion, UPS has refused delivery of packages that have an odor or are leaking fluids.

If you experience trouble with a UPS representative accepting parcels containing raw heads, please inform them that "Animal heads and other parts for taxidermy may be accepted but must be properly packaged."

If you have any questions regarding proper shipping feel free to Contact Us.
Or you can reference the UPS web site at


1. Raw heads need to be drained of all excess moisture.

2. Freeze heads prior to shipping.

3. Wrap heads in newspapers to absorb any excess moisture.

4. Tie heads in multiple plastic bags to prevent excess moisture seeping out and ruining shipping box.

5. Ship specimens in either a Styrofoam or hard-sided cooler.
You may also use a sturdy box. Hard-sided coolers will be returned upon request.

6. Parcels should weigh no more than 70 lbs.; heavier parcels may tear open during shipping resulting in lost or damaged specimens.

7. Secure each item with adequate packing material to prevent damage during shipping.
Placing skulls in a weak box with little or no packing could result in your specimen being lost or damaged.

8. We suggest that you ship your package using UPS as they have shown to provide the best service in the past.
We prefer parcels to be shipped UPS air on a Monday to ensure their arrival by Friday. If you chose to ship UPS ground, do so only on a Monday. Ground parcels shipped on days other than a Monday may result in sitting over a weekend, and may spoil, and could be thrown away by the shipping company. U.S. Mail can also be used, but we suggest using their delivery confirmation option.

9. A packing list of the enclosed items must accompany your shipment.
This will ensure no items are overlooked and discarded. Please place your packing list in a zip-lock bag, taped to the outside of your box.

10. Federal law requires that all packages must be clearly marked as containing wildlife parts.
This can be easily done by marking packages "Taxidermy Items."

It is very important to follow all of the steps listed above to insure proper shipping. Leaky, foul smelling packages cause a great deal of problems and can lead to your parcel being discarded by the shipping company. Additionally, poorly packaged specimens can arrive damaged. MOA CUSTOM SKULLS ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR SPECIMENS THAT ARE DAMAGED, OR DISGARDED BY THE SHIPPING COMPANY DUE TO POOR PACKAGING METHODS. With proper packing and shipping, you can avoid problems in transit and ensure your trophy arrives in good condition.

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