MOA Custom Skulls is dedicated to offering the highest quality of services available, along with a total commitment to customer satisfaction.

We use the best equipment, supplies, and techniques available for cleaning animal skulls. We also provide a vast selection of quality-crafted European mounts. You can be assured that your trophy will be mounted by a master taxidermist who specializes in preserving animal skulls.
We carefully prepare each specimen with the use of Dermestid Beetles, which museum curators have used in skeleton preparation for over a hundred years.

These scavenger insects devour organic matter, the larvae
will clean a skeleton of muscle, skin and cartilage.
Once the process of using the beetles is finished, we degrease and whiten each specimen using a state-of-the-art chemical process.

This process ensures that the completed specimen will be an attractive (and sanitary) trophy or display piece.

Deer Skull: not whitened

Deer Skull: whitened
We have several options for mounting trophies.

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At MOA Custom Skulls we take special care in handling your specimen. We strive to ensure the proper preservation of the skull while avoiding shrinkage of bone, cracking of teeth, softening of the bone or damage from over-boiling. Once the process is complete, your specimen will be in the finest condition possible.

Skull cleaning and European mounts are all we do, making MOA Custom Skulls your true specialist within the skull cleaning industry.